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Posted: February 20, 2023

Port of the Islands CID: New Management Company

As of February 19, 2023, the POICID Board of Supervisors is managed by Dorrill Management Group. For any district information, Utility questions or service, and future meetings, please contact them...

Latest Meeting & Agenda

Meeting Date

March 17, 2023

About Port of the Islands

​Port of the Islands is a waterfront resort community located in the Everglades, East of Marco Island in Collier County, Florida. The Port of the Islands Community Improvement District (CID) provides the local governmental services for the Port of the Islands planned community. Services include treatment and distribution of water, collection and treatment of waste water or sewage, road maintenance, irrigation water and other municipal services needed by the Port of the Islands Community.

Port of the Islands CID was established in September 1986, by Collier County and has grown steadily since that time. The community consists of a hotel, a 174 slip marina, 165 single family lots, 644 multifamily units, and undeveloped property. All utility services are provided by the CID as well.

District Records Requests

Port of the Islands Community Improvement District complies with all provisions and requirements of Florida State Statute 119 in reference to retention and provision of public documents as established within the statute. Any requests for public documents or information will be provided by the District Custodian of Records subject to charges as permitted under the statute. Contact the District Manager’s Corporate office at 239-592-9115 to request any document of interest not currently posted on the website.

The District Custodian of Public Records

Neil Dorrill

Custodian of Public Records

5672 Strand Ct #1, Naples, FL 34110

Office: 239-592-9115