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Meeting Video Archive

Click here for YouTube Meeting Video Archive Page

The Port of the Islands Community Improvement District began hosting meeting videos remotely during the Pandemic beginning in April of 2020, as authorized by the State of Florida by Executive Order and an emergency resolution passed by the Board. When those orders expired or were not extended, the meetings returned to being held in public as required by Florida Statutes. However, the Board has elected to continue to make remote attendance possible for the public, staffers, and members of the Board of Supervisors provided a quorum is met in a physical location. These meetings videos have been recorded, are public records, and have been available by request. Live access to the current month’s meeting is always accessible via the Announcements tab on the homepage of this website.

To make these videos more accessible, the Board has requested them to be made available in an archived format. Please follow the link above to the YouTube page for the Port of the Islands CID Board of Supervisors meetings.

Please be aware that the video and audio quality are not always ideal, as remote meeting technologies like Zoom and GoToMeeting are designed to connect individuals together – each individual on a connected phone/tablet/computer. This technology was appropriate when all attendees were in separate locations during the pandemic. Now that meetings are required again to be in public, only one remote connection is possible in the Orchid Cove Clubhouse so as to avoid audio feedback issues. We apologize for any quality issues in the recordings.