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Each property owner pays an annual assessment levied on their property tax bills as non-ad valorem assessment. This amount is comprised of funds for:

  • Utility Operations: District provided utility services which include sewer, water and irrigation. The annual assessment amounts vary in relation to the usage, size and type of property.
  • District Operations: Non-utility operation and maintenance (O&M) of community properties.

Each year, the CID Board of Supervisors advertises for and holds a public hearing to set its budget and the level of assessments.

Questions & Answers
How long do residents of Port of the Islands have to pay district assessments?
Assessments pay for the ongoing expenses of the district and will continue as long as the community exists.
Can I pay off the assessment?
No, assessments are an annual expense like other property taxes.
How is the assessment collected?
Assessments are collected by the County Tax Collector as a “non-ad valorem” assessment on your tax bill.