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Parcel 13 Redevelopment Packet

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Below is an attempt to make an accessible document. Pictures have been removed. Where these documents may differ, the PDF supersedes this web document, except where strikethrus indicate an update in contact information.

1922 Victoria Avenue, Suite B ■ Fort Myers ■ FL 33901 Phone: (239) 690-7100 ■ 3820 Colonial Boulevard, Suite 101, Fort Myers, FL 33966

January 4, 2018

Dear Prospective Developer: The Port of the Islands Community Improvement District (POI CID) is seeking interested parties in the development of properties in POI CID which is in eastern Collier County Florida along the northside of US 41 or Tamiami Trail. The CID has recently taken ownership of approximately 49 acres of vacant, cleared property available for immediate development, or developed as part of a phased development approach involving the acquisition of adjacent property owned by others. The specifics of this potential project are as follows:

  1. Port of the Islands Community Improvement District:
    Port of the Islands CID is a community improvement district, a special purpose government created to provide the public infrastructure to support the affordable development of property within its jurisdiction. The District is a beautiful waterfront community in the Everglades, east of Marco Island in Collier County. It is a planned community that has grown as a mixed-use area with water front lots valued at more than $200,000 and single-family homes valued in excess of one million dollars.

    The location contains over 800 single family and multifamily units and includes state of the art water and wastewater plants owned by the District. The facilities were designed to provide the development project site approximately 160 dedicated Equivalent Residential Units. Additional ERC’s are available. Hotel/motel units are allocated .6 ERC’s and multifamily units are allocated
    .8 ERC’s. The Wastewater plant has no debt and the Water plant debt will be fully paid off in 2021.

    There is a full-service hotel within the community, a gun range, a 174-slip marina, county owned boat launch and several private and publicly owned docks for rent. In addition, the community is serviced by a Fire and Rescue station located within the boundaries of the District. More on the community can be found at the Port of the Islands website:
  2. Project site:
    The site is in Collier County Florida in close proximity to Everglades National Park, Big Cypress National Preserve, Collier-Seminole State Park and the 10,000 Islands Waterways. Maps reflecting the location of the development site are attached. The property has full access to PORT OF THE ISLANDS COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT utilities and there is public owned access to the site. In addition, the possibility exists for combining this site with adjacent properties owned by others for an expanded project.

    The majority of the site is designated RT on the Collier County Zoning Map. This zoning category permits up to 26 units per acre for hotel/motels and 16 units per acre for multi-family. Building height up to 10 stories is permitted, as long as the overall height doesn’t exceed 100 feet. Actual zoning determination will be by the Collier County Community Development department.
  3. Adjacent Properties:
    There are three adjacent parcels that may be available for aggregation with the POICID properties to enhance the development potential:

    A. Parcel 01058920500: This parcel consists of 6.86 acres and is owned by Port of the Islands Trust. The Property is on the list of Lands Available for Taxes with accrued unpaid taxes in the amount of $2,360,071. There is an abandon hotel building on the property which will need to be demolished at an estimated cost of $800,000-$1,000,000.

    B. Parcel 01058921208: This parcel consists of 52.1 acres of mostly undeveloped property which is zoned Conservation. There is a gun club on the property that operates a pistol/rifle range and skeet range. It is owned by Louland, LLC.

    C. Parcel 01058920513: This parcel consists of 2.67 acres and is owned by Union Road Trust. There is an old building located on the parcel which historically served as a dormitory for hotel workers. The current owner is in the planning phase to remediate the building and convert it into long term rentals targeted at workers at Everglades National Park and Big Cypress National Wildlife Refuge. It is believed these planning efforts are preliminary and have not progressed beyond preliminary stages.

    All information contained in this section is from the Collier County Property Appraiser’s site and has not been verified by survey.
  1. Project Development: The POI CID Board of Supervisors is very interested in seeing this property developed as a key piece in the community. The Board has expressed a willingness to work with the developer on purchase price, funding options for infrastructure, assessable charges and other issues that might otherwise be seen as an obstacle to the development of this property. The Board has the ability to issue bonds which could be used to acquire Parcel A and remove the abandon buildings. The duty to pay the assessments to retire this bond would remain with the PORT OF THE ISLANDS COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT land. Bonds can be structured to allow for the time necessary to obtain development approvals and complete construction. For additional information, please contact: Calvin Teague at 239-690-7100 ext 101 or

The majority of the property is designated RT on the Collier County Zoning Map. This zoning category permits up to 26 units per acre for hotel/motels and 16 units per acre for multi-family. Building heights up to 10 stories not exceeding 100 feet. Actual zoning determination will be by Collier County Community Development.

The District has adequate facilities to serve the Property. The facilities were sized to provide approximately 160 equivalent residential units capacity dedicated to the Property. Hotel/motel units are allocated .6 ERC’s and multifamily units are allocated .8 ERC’s. The adjacent dormant hotel property is allocated an additional 90 ERC’s.