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Date Distributed: February 14, 2020

Port of the Islands
Community Improvement District

February 21, 2020
Board of Supervisors Meeting


February 14, 2020
Board of Supervisors
Port of the Islands
Community Improvement District

Dear Supervisors,

The regular meeting of the Port of The Islands Community Improvement District Board of Supervisors will be held on February 21, 2020 at 9 AM at the Orchid Cove Clubhouse on 25005 Peacock Lane in Naples, FL 34114. The Agenda is included in Section 2 and a few points of interest are as follows:

  • The new website is now live!
  • As per usual, enclosed are the Regular Meeting Minutes from January 17, 2020, and the Utility Operations Report for January
  • Enclosed are the new web Financials for January 2019 and the new web Field Report for February, with the full versions of each sent under separate cover
  • The Orchid Cove Billing Agreement memorializing the decision from the last meeting will be presented at the meeting
  • There will be discussion on Fiscal Year 2021 Budget, and on the Mosquito Spraying proposals presented at the prior meeting

Any supporting documents not enclosed will be distributed at the meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for March 20, 2020. If there are any questions or requests prior to the meeting, feel free to contact me.


Signature: Calvin Teague, District Manager

Calvin Teague
District Manager

Port of the Islands

Community Improvement District
Meeting Agenda

February 21, 2020 at 9:00 AM

  1. Call to Order and Roll Call
  2. Approval of the Agenda
  3. Audience Comments on Agenda Items
  4. Draft Meeting Minutes
    1. Draft Meeting Minutes for January 17, 2020
  5. Utility Operations
    1. Report for January
  6. Landscape Maintenance
    1. Notes for February
  7. District Manager Report
    1. FEMA Reimbursement
    2. FY2021 Budget Discussion
    3. Other Follow-up Items
  8. Financial Report
    1. Report for January 2020
  9. Field Manager Report
    1. Field Report for February
    2. Other Follow-up Items
  10. Engineer Report
    1. SFWMD 5-Year Report Renewal Update
    2. Dock Water Service Request
  11. Attorney Report
    1. Parcel 13 Water Frontage
    2. Marina Owners Pending Litigation
    3. Orchid Cove Irrigation Billing Agreement
  12. Old Business
    1. Lake Maintenance and Littoral Planting
    2. Mosquito Spraying
  13. New Business
  14. Supervisors Request and/or Comments
  15. Audience Comments
  16. Adjournment – Next Meeting Friday, March 20, 2020 at 9 AM

4. Draft Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2020

Port of the Islands
Community Improvement District

The meeting of the Port of the Islands Community Improvement District was held on Friday January 17, 2020 at 9 a.m. at the Orchid Cove Community Center on 25005 Peacock Lane in Naples, Florida 34114.

Present and constituting a quorum were:
Tony Davis – Chair
Russell Kish – Vice Chair
Teri O’Connell – Assistant Secretary
Kathryn Kehlmeier – Assistant Secretary

Not Present:
Norine Dillon – Assistant Secretary

Also present were:
Cal Teague – District Manager
Ron Benson – District Engineer
Robert Soto – Soto’s Lawn Service
Mitch Gilbert – Florida Utility Solutions (FUS)

The following is a summary of the discussion and actions taken at the Port of the Islands Community Improvement District (CID) Board of Supervisors meeting.

FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESSCall to Order and Roll Call

The meeting was called to order and the District Manager called roll. All Board members were present, except Supervisor Dillon. Also present were District Engineer Ron Benson, Robert Soto from Soto’s Lawn Service and Mitch Gilbert from Florida Utility Solutions.

SECOND ORDER OF BUSINESSApproval of the Agenda

The Agenda was approved as presented.

On MOTION by Chairman Davis, seconded by Supervisor Kehlmeier, with all in favor, the Agenda was approved as presented.

THIRD ORDER OF BUSINESS Audience Comments on Agenda Items

There being none, the next Order of Business followed.


A. Draft Meeting Minutes from December 20, 2019

The Meeting Minutes were approved as presented.

On MOTION by Chairman Davis, seconded by Supervisor Kehlmeier, with all in favor, the Meeting Minutes for December 20, 2019 are approved as presented.


A. Report for December

Mitch Gilbert was present at the meeting to give his report as follows:

  • The backflow preventers are complete and set for another two years.
  • The waste water plant is finished being cleaned. Also, they have been using the MBR a little at a time in order to try to work out the problems with the system.
  • The culverts have been cleaned out. Also, some lids have been ordered for meter boxes needing them.
SIXTH ORDER OF BUSINESSLandscape Maintenance

A. January Notes

Robert Soto was present at the meeting to give his report as follows:

  • The Wellfield Road trimming has been completed.
  • The Bougainvilleas haven’t arrived at the nursery yet. Therefore, these should be planted by next week.
  • They are preparing for installing mulch.
  • There are two stuck valves however, they are getting repaired soon.
  • The Board commented that someone added plants into the Cays Drive median without permission from the CID. It was discussed that the individual or individuals needs to be notified that they require Board approval prior to planting in the median. Staff will send a letter.

A. Financial Statements for Period Ending December 31, 2019

After brief discussion, the Financial Statements were accepted.

On MOTION by Chairman Davis, seconded by Supervisor O’Connell, with all in favor, the Board accepted the Financial Statements for December 31, 2019 as presented.

B. ADA Website Compliance Update

The District Manager presented the new CID website and briefly navigated through it to familiarize the Board of Supervisors with the layout. He stated that a few changes will be made to the Agenda packets going forward, such as the Field Report no longer containing pictures and the Financials being condensed in order to meet ADA compliance requirements. However, the Field Report with pictures and the larger Financials document will be provided electronically under separate cover. He also stated that certain support materials will not be included in the packet if they aren’t ADA compliant. However, these documents will be provided under separate cover upon request. The Board agreed that sending electronic Agenda packets via email was not necessary going forward and instead agreed to obtain them directly from the website. The District Manager notified the Board that the website is going live on February 11th.

C. FEMA Reimbursement

The District Manager updated the Board on the status of the reimbursement from FEMA.

D. Utility Bill Payment Delinquencies

The District Manager stated that there are three delinquent accounts that need to be written off. The Board agreed to write these off.

On MOTION by Chairman Davis, seconded by Supervisor Kehlmeier, with all in favor, the Board approved the write off of these three accounts.

The District Manager presented a budget schedule for Fiscal Year 2021 for informational purposes and to request budget goals from the Board be presented at the next meeting. The District Engineer is going to update the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).


A. Field Report for January

The Field Report was discussed briefly with no questions or comments.

I. Other Follow Up Items

There being none, the next Order of Business followed.


A. SFWMD 5-Year Report Renewal Update

The District Engineer stated that this is complete, pending any requests for additional information from the South Florida Water Management District.

B. Drainage Swale Maintenance

The maintenance will continue as currently established with the Field Manager checking the swale for obstructions during his inspections, and discussing anything he sees with the District Engineer.

The District Engineer stated that he and the District Manager are working with the contractor for the Villages at Stella Maris on their boat slip project. For this project the CID would need to provide them a master water meter and charge them for the meter installation. He informed the Board that he told the contractor the CID uses Collier County utility standards.


A. Parcel 13 Water Frontage

The District Manager discussed an email with updates from the District Attorney. The County now owns the North Hotel. Therefore, discussions between the CID and the County can resume on this topic.

B. Marina Owners Pending Litigation

Neither the District Manager nor the District Attorney have heard anything from the marina owners or their attorneys in this regard.


A. Lake Maintenance and Littoral Planting Update

The District Manager stated that it is still too cold for the littorals to be planted and that he will keep them posted on this topic.

B. Mosquito Spraying

The Board further discussed the two proposals that were submitted last month. However, it was decided to postpone this topic until the next Board meeting in order to obtain further clarification on the proposals submitted.


A. Orchid Cove Irrigation Billing Issues

The District Manager explained that in 2016 the Attorney for Orchid Cove contacted the CID regarding Orchid Cove being over-charged for irrigation for nearly $45,000. The District Manager contacted the CID’s former management company for further information on why they billed Orchid Cove incorrectly and never received a response.

The District Attorney felt the statute of limitations ran out after 4 years. However, the Orchid Cove Attorney stated that there is not a statute of limitations for this and that if they sue they can charge the CID interest. The District Manager was able to come to a compromise that all parties felt was fair. The CID will stop billing Orchid Cove the $417 a month for electricity for the decorative light poles and Orchid Cove will no longer charge the CID $50 to use their meeting room every month and any concern over being overcharged will be dismissed.

On MOTION by Supervisor O’Connell, seconded by Supervisor Kish, with all in favor, the Board accepted the proposed settlement offer with Orchid Cove.

THIRTEENTH ORDER OF BUSINESS Supervisors Request and/or Comments

Supervisor O’Connell commented on reimbursement for the ham the CID authorized her to purchase as a thank you to Florida Utility Solutions for painting the fire hydrants throughout the community.


Randy Resch commented on an issue with Comcast that Orchid Cove is having. One of the infrastructures is severely rusted out and poses a hazard.

Audrey Sanders commented that she has contacted Comcast regarding this concern and they responded by saying they are outsourcing the repairs as it is a large job. She also commented on fencing repairs and stated that they are waiting for the insurance money to come in to make those repairs.

The District Manager commented that the Board members CID emails are being set up for use. He also commented that an agreement will be drawn up between the CID and Orchid Cove for the settlement agreement.


On MOTION by Supervisor Kehlmeier, seconded by Chairman Davis, with all in favor, the meeting was adjourned at 11:18 a.m.

Next Meeting: February 21, 2020

Secretary/Assistant Secretary
Chair/Vice Chair

5. Utility Operations

January 2020

Florida Utility Solutions Cover sheet

Wastewater Plant received and treated 4.6 million gallons in January

Water Plant produced and distributed 2.6 million gallons in January

Reuse distributed 9.7 million gallons in January

Florida Utility Solutions, 15275 Collier Boulevard, Suite 201-268, Naples, Florida 34119, 239-4354-0951 on the web at

Utility Monthly Update January 2020

WTP Water Treatment Plant

  • water plant is operating as designed
  • SCADA work is ongoing

WWTP Waste Water Treatment Plant

  • Daily process control is producing acceptable effluent
  • Sand was replaced in filter
  • MBR work is ongoing

Fire Station Pumps

  • All OK

Lift Stations

  • All lift stations are functioning properly


  • All OK
  • Leak at plant has been repaired


  • Received several requests for meter research, meter replacements, one request for a new meter, as well as shut-offs and turn-ons
  • All fire hydrants were painted at no charge to POI
  • Meters were read the week of December 9, 2019

Port of the Islands Annual Water Flow

graph of drinking water monthly flow averages from February 1, 2018 through January 1, 2020, with a high of 85,000 gallons in January 2020 and a low of 45,000 gallons in June 2019.

Image description: graph of drinking water monthly flow averages from February 1, 2018 through January 1, 2020, with a high of 85,000 gallons in January 2020 and a low of 45,000 gallons in June 2019.

6. Landscape Maintenance

February 2020

No Supporting Documents

7. District Manager Report

    1. FEMA Reimbursement
    2. FY2021 Budget Discussion
    3. Other Follow-up Items

8. Financial Report

January 2020

Balance Sheet - 2020-01
Balance Sheet by Fund
January 31, 2020
Current Assets
Assessments Receivable – GF72057.31072057.31
Allowance-Doubtful Collections-72057.310-72057.31
Accounts Receivable01272.11272.1
Assessments Receivable – W/S Fund0218214.89218214.89
Allowance-Doubtful Collections0-218214.89-218214.89
Due To/From 001/202-488263.050-488263.05
Due To/From 001/2020488273.05488273.05
Investments – Money Market Account1377091.2401377091.24
Prepaid Items5449.705449.7
Prepaid Items05449.665449.66
Deferred Amount of Refunding036369.6536369.65
Total Current Assets1021178.42597765.041618943.46
Noncurrent Assets
Accum Depr – Infrastructure0-6417606.99-6417606.99
Equipment and Furniture0287662.07287662.07
Accum Depr – Equip/Furniture0-125655.39-125655.39
Total Noncurrent Assets09818118.879818118.87
TOTAL ASSETS1021178.4210415883.9111437062.33
Current Liabilities
Accounts Payable2061.5702061.57
Accounts Payable072977297
Revenue Bonds Payable-Current0478500478500
Accrued Interest Payable018232.8218232.82
Other Current Liabilities09644.859644.85
Total Current Liabilities2071.57539814.65541886.22
Long-Term Liabilities
Revenue Bonds Payable-LY0957000957000
Total Long-Term Liabilities0957000957000
TOTAL LIABILITIES2071.571496814.651498886.22
Fund Balances
Prepaid Items5449.705449.7
Prepaid Items05449.665449.66
Operating Reserves1037620103762
Net Assets
Invested in capital assets, net of related debt
TOTAL FUND BALANCES/NET ASSETS1019106.858919069.269938176.11
TOTAL LIABILITIES & FUND BALANCES/NET ASSETS1021178.4210415883.9111437062.33
Assessments - 2020-01
Non-Ad Valorem Special AssessmentsNet Assessment Revenue
(Collier County Tax Collector – Monthly Collection Distributions)2019-09-30 00:00:001970-01-01 00:00:001970-01-01 00:00:00
Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 2020
DistributionGross Amount ReceivedDiscounts/ (Penalties)Collection CostNet Amount ReceivedGeneral Fund W/S Fund General Fund W/S FundWater/Sewer Total
TOTAL1410617.84-55006.6-27112.221328499.02313580.3458321097037.494168PREVIOUSLY TRANSFERRED500513.22
Cash and Investment - 2020-01
Cash and Investment Report
2020-01-31 00:00:001970-01-01 00:00:001970-01-01 00:00:001970-01-01 00:00:00
Account NameBankYieldBalance
Checking (GF) 9580Valley0131769.23
Money Market (GF) 1572Valley0.021377091.24
Checking (WSF) 8933Valley0.019466573.97
GF Register - 2020-01

9. Field Manager Report

Port of the Islands Community Improvement District

Community Field Services – Field Management Report

Site Inspection on January 29, 2020

1. Lake Management:

a. Lake Maintenance: The retention ponds remain in moderate condition this month. Shoreline grasses have been treated, water levels are average for this time of year, no submerged weeds present and no concerns with algae. Turbidity cloudiness / murkiness) remains high throughout all the ponds. Additional pond management details are below.

b. Littoral Plants:

  1. No concerns observed this month. EarthGuard will be planting 300 additional littorals in the 3 retention ponds as soon as we near the rainy season. There will be a mixture of pickerel weed, yellow canna, arrowhead and Eleocharis being planted.
  2. Bulrush around Pond #2 is continuing to decay away.

c. Shoreline Weeds: No concerns observed this month. Torpedo grass that was identified in January has been treated and is dying off.

d. Submerged Weeds: No concerns observed this month.

e. Algae: No concerns observed this month.

f. Fish: No concerns observed this month.

g. Trash: Minimal trash observed this month.

h. Shoreline Landscaping: The cord grass on the north end of retention pond #2 has recently been pruned.

i. Lake Bank Erosion: No concerns observed this month.

2. Roadways:

a. Asphalt: No new concerns were observed this month.

b. Potholes: The potholes on Union Road east of the old hotel are continuing to increase in size.

c. Curbing / Storm Water Gutters: Yellow paint was observed spilled on the roadway gutter just south of 208 Cays Drive.

d. Street Signage:

  1. On October 19th, 2019 Orchid Cove was hit by a windstorm causing damage to several signs. The repair estimate was returned to Lykins Signtek about a month ago and we are now waiting for them to conduct the following repairs:
    1. Road Name Signs Union Road / Swan Way came off the post. Signs are no longer present and now need to be replaced.
    2. Stop Sign on Swan Way needs to be straightened.
    3. Fire Sign on Swan Way is missing and needs to be replaced.
    4. Crosswalk Sign on Peacock Ln needs to be replaced and post needs to be reinstalled.
    5. Peacock Lane sign further down the road needs to be re-installed onto the post. Sign is no longer present.

e. Roadway Landscaping:

  1. The Canary Island Palm tree at the entrance of Cays Drive that was infected with ganaderma has been removed by Soto. The shrubs around the palm tree were slightly damaged during the removal.
  2. The two new bougainvillea in the Newport Drive median across from the marina are doing well.
  3. The new landscaping within the Cays Drive medians is still looking alive and well.

f. Roadway Lighting: No new concerns were observed this month.

3. Sidewalks: No new concerns observed this month.

4. Storm Drainage System:

a. Catch Basins:

  1. Structures along Newport & Cays Drive are scheduled to be cleaned later this month when we have the pressure washer onsite.

b. Water Control Structures (WCS): All structures are currently clear of debris.

  1. Sunset Cay: No concerns present.
  2. Venus Cay: Debris needs to be cut back.
  3. Windward Cay: Debris needs to be cut back.
  4. Wilderness Cay: Debris needs to be cut back.
  5. Water Plant: No concerns present.
  6. Retention Ponds: The pipe outlet for the water control structure on Retention Pond #1 is surrounded by thick vegetation and needs to be cut back. We’ll have our technician complete this task.

c. Flumes: All flumes were clear of debris this month.

d. Culverts: Florida Utility Solutions still hasn’t flushed out the 2 culverts in front of 194-242 Newport Drive, the 1 in front of 170 Newport Drive & the 1 at the entrance to Sunrise Cay yet.

e. Drain Pipes: The drain pipe / head wall on the north end of the second retention pond remains separated. At some point the CID will want to have this repaired. Picture on the following page.

f. Drainage Swales / Banks: All the drainage swales were inspected this month and the following issues were observed.

  1. 171 Sunset Cay: Log obstructing water flow under walkway
  2. 175 Sunset Cay: Washout under dock
  3. 182 Sunset Cay: Washout under dock
  4. 186 Sunset Cay: Washout under dock
  5. 152 Venus Cay: Boat on trailer obstructing water flow
  6. 152 Venus Cay: Washout under dock
  7. 156 Venus Cay: Washout under dock & dock ramp.
  8. 173 Venus Cay: Plant planted in the ground obstructing water flow
  9. 142 Windward Cay: Metal pieces obstructing water flow under dock
  10. 147 Windward Cay: Washout under dock
  11. 121 Wilderness Cay: Washout under dock
  12. 133 Wilderness Cay: Drainage berm flooded due to home being built
  13. 137 Wilderness Cay: Home being built, grass growth obstructing flow
  14. 149 Wilderness Cay: Misc. const. material laying in drainage berm

g. Dry Detention Ponds: The vegetation within the large detention pond on the southwest corner of the plant has been cut down and raked to the sides. With the area now open, it would be a good time to inspect / clean out the drain culverts.

5. Front Entrance Monuments: The following issues were observed this month.

a. Main Monument:

  1. Structure needs to be pressure washed.
  2. One light fixture for the main monument next to the flagpole on Newport Drive remains out.

b. Side Monuments: Both monuments need to be pressure washed as they have cobwebs and green algae on them. We’ll cleaned these while we have the pressure washer onsite.

c. Landscape Lights: All timers were adjusted this month as each location was off by 30 to 45 minutes.

d. Flagpole: No concerns this month.

e. Landscaping:

  1. Several shrubs in front of the Newport Drive side monuments need to be replaced.
  2. The pigmy date palm behind the Newport Drive exit side monument needs to be pruned.
  3. One of the oak trees along Union Road adjacent to the water plant needs to be replanted and staked up.

f. 41 Median:

  1. The plants that were damaged by a vehicle several months ago still need to be replaced by Soto.
  2. There are two irrigation risers also in the area where the vehicle drove through the median that still needs to be straightened / repaired.
  3. All weed growth that was observed last month has been treated. Multiple fakahatchee grass and/or cordgrass need to be replaced.

g. Cays Drive Entrance: Minimal new weed growth observed.

h. Union Road Entrance: No concerns observed this month.

6. Irrigation System:

a. No new concerns observed this month.

b. Irrigation wires remain exposed in the Newport Drive median next to where Soto transplanted the agave plant. If the wires are active, they should be buried.

7. Mosquito Spraying:

No updates or concerns have been provided to us to report this month.

8. Residential Complaints / Concerns:

a. 1/20/20: Homeowner at 120 Wilderness Cay informed us that they are still having drainage issues in front of their home. We inspected the area and believe that the new concrete that was poured by Tincher Concrete isn’t at the correct pitch and is causing the water to stay within the drainage gutter. Tincher Concrete is going to be notified of this issue.

b. 12/27/19 Update: Homeowner at 123 Newport Drive informed us that the new house being built just south of him is causing storm water drainage issues due to the driveway culvert being clogged with silt. The builder was contacted last month, and he had the driveway culvert cleaned out.

9. Airplane Club – CID Land:

No concerns observed this month. The area was clean during this inspection.

10. Non-CID Issues Observed:

No concerns observed this month.

11. Fish/Wildlife Observations:

  • Bass – Not seen
  • Egret – Seen
  • Anhinga – Seen
  • Woodstork – Not seen
  • Turtles – Not seen
  • Bream – Seen
  • Heron – Seen
  • Cormorant – Seen
  • Catfish – Seen
  • Coot – Not seen
  • Osprey – Seen
  • Alligator – Seen
  • Gambusia – Seen
  • Gallinules – Not seen
  • Ibis – Seen
  • Snake – Seen
  • Otter – Not seen
  • Ducks – Seen
  • Other Species

12. CID Project Updates:

No projects to currently update the Board on.

13. Water Treatment Plant:

a. Fire Hydrants: No concerns observed this month.

b. Meter Boxes / Valves: No concerns observed this month.

c. Missing Valve Box Covers at:

  1. 168 & 169 Venus Cay.

d. Wells:

  1. The first well is leaking at what I think is the motor shaft.
  2. The door for the generator between the second and third pump has fallen off and needs to be put back on.
  3. Roadway to the wells was recently been cut back by Soto however it is still difficult to get a full-size truck to the third well. Additional trimming from the first well to the 3rd well is recommended. The grass in the middle of the roadway is still also a foot tall and should be cut.
  4. No issues observed with the new bridge at the third well.

e. Boil Water Notices: No notices issued this month.

f. Line Breaks / System Concerns: No new concerns observed this month.

14. Soto’s Approved Proposals:

Below is a list of approved work orders for Soto that we’re monitoring. Completed tasks are removed from the list on the following month.

Estimate Approved Date Description Status Amount
30576/21/2019Removal of 4 Crepe Myrtles on 41 median, 3 pallets of floritam sod, 50 arboricola trinette under Queen Emma Plants & mulch.75% Complete$3212.50
30777/26/2019Remove and replace ficus on 41 that were destroyed by vehicle.Not Complete$705.00
335912/20/20192 Bougainvilleas center island across from Marina. Removal of ganaderma infected Canary Island Palm at Cays entrance. Complete$1,250.00
34071/20/2019129 Newport Drive Median – reroute water line for better coverage, lack of water caused by roots pinching the line. Just Approved$728.47

15. Maintenance Follow-Up Actions:

Completed tasks are removed from the list on the following month.

Repair the L on the Hotel / Marina Sign on Newport Drive10/10/2016
Repair the leaning over headwall in the retention pond just south of Stella Maris Drive S. 10/10/2016
Remove the debris from the drainage swale on Wilderness Cay. 5/2/2018
Pressure clean the catch basins and culverts along Newport & Cays Drive. Pressure washout front monument & old flag poles. 1/30/2019 CFS Pending February
Replace the missing fire hydrant reflector on Newport Drive just north of the Evening Star Cay entrance. 12/31/2019 CFS
Cut back any vegetation that is encroaching onto the Cays Drive sidewalk. 12/31/2019 CFS
Remove the concrete pieces from the roadway catch basin across from 157 Cays Drive. (New house being built) 12/31/2019 CFS
Clean out the culvert in front of the entrance to 142 Newport Drive 12/31/2019 CFS
Cut back the vegetation around the WCS structure outlet on Retention Pond #1. 1/29/2020CFS

10. Engineer Report

February 2020

No Supporting Documents

11. Attorney Report

February 2020

No Supporting Documents

12. Old Business

No Supporting Documents

13. New Business

No Supporting Documents

14. Supervisors Request and/or Comments

No Supporting Documents

15. Audience Comments

No Supporting Documents

16. Adjournment – Next Meeting Friday, March 20, 2020 at 9 AM

No Supporting Documents