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Field Report - March 2019

Site Inspection on 2/28/19

1. Lake Management

a. Lake Maintenance: The retention ponds remain in moderate shape this month. Shorelines weeds that were treated last month by Earth Guard are decaying away, no algae is present and the water levels are average for this time of year. Due to the lower water levels, turbidity (cloudiness / murkiness) has increased throughout all the ponds. Additional pond management details are below.

b. Littoral Plants:

  1. No concerns observed this month.
  2. The bulrush in retention pond #2 next to the head wall is now doing off. This will help water flow out of the headwall and into the pond.

c. Shorline Weeds: Weed concerns that should be addressed:

  • Torpedo grass was observed growing in retention pond #1.
  • Climbing Hemp Vine was observed growing in retention pond #1.

d. Submerged Weeds: No concerns observed this month.

e. Algae: None observed.

f. Fish: No concerns observed this month.

g. Trash: Multiple plastic bags were observed around all 3 retention ponds along Cays Drive. We’ll begin removing any trash from the ponds when our maintenance technician is onsite.

h. Lake Aeration: No aeration present.

i. Shoreline Landscaping: No new concerns observed this month.

j. Lake Bank Erosion: No concerns observed this month.


a. Barriers: oiwjefoijwefoiwjeofijweoifjwoeifjwef


a. Asphalt: Graffiti was observed on Union Road just east of the North hotel. We’ll have our maintenance technician try and cover it up the best he can with additional paint later this month.

b. Potholes:

  • The large pothole remains on Union Road just past the 90 degree turn on the east side of the old hotel. The pothole should be filled in.
  • Many potholes are present on the dirt portion of Union Road causing people to drive off the road between the hotel and water plant.

c. Curbing / Storm Water Gutters: The storm water gutters at the end of Sunset Cay, Venus Cay, Windward Cay & Wilderness Cay will be cleaned out later this month. After that we’ll be adding this task to our regular maintenance check list.

Fish / Wildlife Observations

  • Bass – Not seen
  • Breem – Seen
  • Catfish – Not seen
  • Gambusia – Not seen
  • Egrets – Seen
  • Herons – Not seen
  • Coots – Not seen
  • Gallinules – Not seen
  • Anhinga – Seen
  • Cormorant – Not seen
  • Osprey – Not seen
  • Ibis – Seen
  • Woodstork – Not seen
  • Otter – Not seen
  • Alligators – Seen
  • Snakes – Not seen
  • Turtles – Seen
  • Other Species: Ducks, Cthulhus