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Field Manager Report

Habitat CDD
Community Field Services – Field Management Report Site Inspection on 1/02/2020

  1. Lake Management:

a. Lake Maintenance: Lake conditions remain overall in good shape this month. No major concerns
observed with shoreline weeds, algae is very minimal, and the water levels are higher than normal
for this time of year. Additional lake management details are below.

b. Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Tests: The next tests are scheduled for later this month by Solitude.
Test results will be on the next report.

c. Littoral Plants: No concerns observed this month.

d. Shoreline Weeds: Weed issues this month included:

i. Torpedo grass present in Lakes: 1-4, 6, 7, 12, 17 & 22. Low presence.

ii. Alligator Weed in Lakes: 6. Very low presence.

iii. Climbing Hemp Vine present in Lakes: 2, 3, 9, 11 & 26. Low presence.

e. Submerged Weeds:

i. Baby Tears in Lakes: 4 & 8. Low presence.

ii. Chara in Lakes: 16 & 17. Low presence.

f. Algae: Algae concerns observed this month included:

i. Planktonic algae: No concerns present.

ii. Filamentous algae: Lakes 8. Very low density.

g. Fish: Mosquito fish were observed in Lake 24.


h. Trash: Minimal trash was observed this month. Hot spots included Lakes 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7.

i. Lake Aeration: The following issues / updates were noted during this inspection.

i. All systems were operating during this inspection.

ii. We’re continuing to label all the circuit panels for the aerator units.

j. Shoreline Landscaping: No new concerns observed this month.

k. Lake Bank Erosion: No new concerns observed this month.

  1. Preserves:

a. Last month we reported that after inspecting the preserve cutbacks by Estate we noticed that a
lot of the cut vegetation was left in the preserve along Torre Del Lago. During this month’s
follow-up inspection, we saw that at least 75% of the cut vegetation has been removed from the
preserve. We’ll inform Charlie that the crew should make another sweep of the preserve edge.

b. Preserve Markers: We currently have 10 preserve markers in stock.

c. Bat Boxes: No concerns observed this month.